Are you looking for new attractions that bring uplifting experiences and competitive advantage? Every one of our floating pools is a unique piece of art that seamlessly fits in with their environment – and they accommodate cutting-edge ecological solutions and high-tech expertise. Matching the diversity of nature, Bluet offers a wide range of floating pools for various needs and uses. Here’s a rundown of the various types of pools you can choose from – or with which to create your own.

Adding a pool to your new waterside project can increase its attractiveness immensely. The best solution doesn’t come from just slapping a pool in your design for the sake of having one. However, it’s best to think about what fits most into your project’s profile, feel, aesthetics, or its surroundings and choose the right pool based on those.

To start with, we can offer pools in these categories:

Bluet® Heated and Natural Water pools come in different solutions as well, but we’ll get to those more in-depth later. First you need to know which basic solution is your pool of choice.

Relax or exercise: pick the floating pool of your choice

Bluet® Multiuse Pool at Saana Kuopio, Finland
Bluet® Multiuse Pool at night at Saana Kuopio, Finland (picture by Projectico)

Do you dream about blissfully floating in water that’s just the right temperature, listening to birds and feeling the sun on your face? Or are you more up for water games and enjoy the fever of tight competitions? Bluet® Heated pools are suitable for a number of uses, from relaxing spas to multi-lane competition pools. This category of pools is available in three variations: Bluet® Multiuse pool, Bluet® Barge Pool for demanding large-scale projects, and the new Bluet® Hybrid Pool. 

The Bluet® Multiuse pool is a modular moderate-depth pool made of stainless steel. The Bluet® Multiuse pool can be customised for a variety of purposes by means of a wide range of accessories, such as benches, massage water jets, and various depth modules. This is a perfect choice for creating relaxing oasis spas for adults or safe paddle and play for children. 

Bluet® Barge Heated Pool at Allas Sea Pool Helsinki
Bluet® Barge Heated Pool at Allas Sea Pool Helsinki, Finland

The Bluet® Barge pool is your choice for larger-scale projects and more demanding locations or, for example, when underwater facilities are needed. A Barge pool can be fitted for a wide range of uses, from lap pools for recreational swimmers to competition pools even for Olympic-level athletes.

Our latest innovation is the Bluet® Hybrid pool. A Hybrid pool is suitable for those who desire more tranquil waters for their site. The first hybrid pool projects are our R&D team’s lovingly tended gems, the first of which are scheduled for delivery at the end of 2023 and in spring 2024.

All of our product families are available in a variety of sizes: the length of a Bluet® Multiuse pool can vary from six to 20 metres, and our Bluet® Barge pools are available in dimensions up to 50-metre FINA-certified Olympic pools. 

You can get a feel of our robust Bluet® Barge pool and Bluet® Multiuse pool customised for children at the Allas Sea Pool, dearly loved by residents and visitors of Helsinki, Finland. Bluet’s state-of-the-art pools are also trusted in Vaasa, Finland, where we will deliver Bluet® Multiuse pool made of stainless steel.

Relaxing warmth all year round

Customised Bluet® Barge pool in Vök Baths Iceland
Customised Bluet® Barge pool in Vök Baths Iceland

Our pools, heated to just the right temperature, are the perfect place to relax your mind and body around the year. The most commonly used temperature in our pools is around 27 °C, but, for example, our hot spa pools can be used with pampering temperatures around 38 °C. Our pools are delivered with the chosen water treatment system suited to the pool or its usage needs.  

Bluet® Heated pools are excellent for year-round use either as part of larger constructions or as such in water areas. For example, Bluet® pools can be found in popular outdoor swimming spas in Iceland. In addition to the ongoing Vaasa project in Finland, we are about to deliver a luxurious, customised special-structure steel pool to the Mediterranean area, for example. Stay tuned for more information on that and other projects!

Experience our inspiring natural water pools –your natural safe haven

Imagine swimming in a lake, watching the morning mist give way to a new day, or the perfect relaxing rhythm of waves carrying you on the sea. Imagine being able to do both safely, whatever the weather, and in perfect harmony with Mother Nature. 

Bluet® Natural Water pool at Allas Sea Pool Helsinki, Finland
Bluet® Natural Water pool at Allas Sea Pool Helsinki, Finland

Our advanced Bluet® Natural Water Pools utilise the water from the surrounding sea, lake or river, which means that the water temperature will also be the same as in the surrounding body of water. Similar to our other solutions, our natural water pools are also ecologically sustainable and they are available in two customisable models: bottomless or with steel grating. The pool has a stainless steel structure that is covered with plastic that is reinforced with fibreglass micro-mesh grating. 

What Bluet offers to the Natural water pools is the filtering systems: this is the way to create not only a safe swimming area but also one with clean and purified water, when the surrounding water is not suitable for swimming. The filtering systems are designed to be project and site specific. 

For example, the Bluet® Grated Pool at Allas Sea Pool Helsinki is equipped with a liner on top of the grating, because the surrounding water is not pure enough for swimming. The natural water pool is equipped with a UV filtering system and a liner that makes the pool itself “watertight” to the surrounding water.

Bluet® Botomless Pool at Gibraltar Floating Bathing Pavilion

For a completely fresh experience in a location where the water quality is up to standard, the water in our Bluet® Grated pool is as natural as it gets – cold in the winter and warmed by the sun in the summer – and they can be equipped with a range of solutions in order to ensure the quality of water and to keep it from freezing over.

The Bluet® Grated Pool is available with a variety of accessories and, depending on the depth, it can be used as a shallow paddling pool for children, a deep jump pool for daring water lovers, or an oasis for recreational swimming and relaxing. 

Our bottomless pool on the other hand is an easy way to create a safe oasis for swimming in the middle of a city or a natural water area. The pool area will be sustainably bordered using pontoons, safety nets and finished with gangways and ladders. The surrounding area can be extended to a sunbathing deck or supplemented with other amenities such as railings and lighting – perfectly fit for its surroundings.

To try it out yourself, dip into our filtered Bluet® Natural Water pool at Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki, Finland. The unique Heated pool and Natural Water pool solutions will also be finalised in Gothenburg and Norrköping in Sweden during spring 2023.

Pool dreams are made to come true – click and see our solutions that lift you above the ordinary!

You think it, we find the way to build it.

We offer a diverse range of innovative floating structures that can be used to create magnificent experiences in the middle of nature or in the heart of the city. In addition to floating pools, our expertise also covers a wide range of floating infrastructures alongside traditional development projects: floating leisure oases, restaurants, residential areas, hotels, facilities for living, recreation, and business. Bluet® Floating Solutions is at your service.  

We are always ready to get excited about ideas that challenge the conventional. Let’s make your vision our mission!