Bluet – The future is floating

Bluet is a Finnish company, specializing in floating construction solutions. It was founded in June 2016 by managing director Tytti Sirola, project director Petteri Huomo and technical director Kimmo Saharinen. We are not just a supplier or designer, but first and foremost a partner, specializing in the design and implementation of a floating solution that meets your needs. Bluet’s core team consists of experienced floating construction professionals, engineers, designers, architects and other experts, working closely with an extensive network of partners and local contractors. The name Bluet, created by Tytti Sirola’s father, communicates lightness, freshness and sonority and makes you think of water and sky. In the spring of 2016, Bluet’s founder team was chosen to be sparred by KasvuOpen, Finland’s largest project for sparring “eager-to-grow” companies. The valuable support and advice received from growth professionals and investors helped the team to take the final step.

our story

As Tehodore Levitt has said: “Creativity is thinking new things. Innovation is about doing new things.” That’s what we’ve been doing at Bluet since 2016: we create and innovate – paln further, find solutions and make our customers’ visions come reality. Our task is to show the potential of floating construction in waterfront development and make them active and available to people by creating more building volume in sustainable, viable and scalable way. We help cities and communities, property developers and investors, architects, entrepreneurs and marina operators create more vitality and bring facilities and activities on water for their end users to enjoy. Floating construction is a globally growing industry with widespread demand, both in urban city areas, metropolises and their waterfronts, which are to be protected from the effects of traditional construction and lanf-filling solutions. Bluet’s operations started in a situation where proven demand, existing customers, strong cooperation network and the growing trend of sustainable construction gave confidence in development and expanding market.

Whether you’re thinking of building a swimming pool, restaurant, entertainment center, residential building, oasis of well-being or golf course on water, our floating solutions give new construction possibilities at your fingertips. And we’re going to help you make them in reality. Are you ready?

BLUET is bold

We appreciate the experience and expertise – the knowledge gathered throughout the past and collected by actions and ”just doing it”. In addition to these we also want to look at ideas and visions from a ”different point of you view” – what new and added value could we bring to our clients if the frameworks were not  limited?

By crossing the boundaries of the industries and cooperating openly with different business fields, talents and authorities,  combining this all with solid engineering skills and special know-how, expertise in technical solutions and interest in the innovations, we are creating the direction for floating construction industry and new floating solutions.  We are bold and experimental, yet our goal is to create feasible end-solutions and act as an enabler of dreams.

BLUET is lively

We are a lively and flexible team that adapts  to the specific project and clients needs. The core team is an innovative team with experience from multiple fields where the new project – and above all – the new challenges are seen as an inspiring factor, not a break factor. The partnership network grows with global demand and the network of trusted local experts and partners are the heart of joint international operations. Common mindset is the enthusiasm for floating construction – and the desire to create new.

BLUET is unique

We want to surprise, amaze and the delight. We want to create in a innovative, market-.specific, adaptable and scalable design products and end-solutions, tailored to meet the project-specific needs.

Quality is something we value highly, both service and product. End-result of the joint journey is a satisfied client and an end-product, which also provides a unique user experience to the end-user.
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BLUET is ecological

Ecofriendly & Ecological – Environmental friendliness – this is the target in all of our solutions: We aim at sustainable operations, where renewable energy solutions, ease of use and maintenance, respect for and saving nature and water areas, minimizing the impact of rockets on the aquatic ecosystems are the starting points for the design and implementation.
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BLUET is teamwork

Together forward. In the global world, developing a network of local expertise and partnership network, setting common goals and acting on them – that is what global team work is all about.  According to these values is Bluet Team based on.
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Everyone is a pearl. The Team – both internal and external – is built on overall team structure, where each member has a pre-specified role and responsibility area, suitable for everyone and completing each other. Team spirit includes a common, participatory, innovative and at the same time intensive work,  where every idea is valuable.
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Our partners

Bluet works in close relationship with a large network of  professionals from various business and technology fields. Our main goal is to create an end-solution which fulfils the needs of our clients, end users – and of course the environmental and detailed technical requirements of floating solutions.