When you have more details about the site, permitting requirements and timetable. In this phase the technical designs will be modified to final local requirements with transportation details. A functional floating solution is designed by Bluet’s experienced civil engineers and technical specialists, who have experience in both small and large floating projects around the world. At this phase of the project, we will conduct a detailed site analysis of local conditions (e.g. wave and wind conditions, soil, water depths, tidal variations, ice, year-round weather conditions), water traffic, amount of visitors and site planning. We solve technical and floating structural and ecological related issues.

The most important thing is to make sure that everything has been taken into account in the design phase, so that the floating structure is stable and safe when completed. We work closely with you, the local team and the local general contractor. If you don’t have a local team, we will organize one. As a result of the project planning, you will receive a completed implementation plan and price. Then we are ready to take your floating solution from plans to reality!

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    Delivery services

    Delivery phase includes the product manufacturing, delivery, assembly works in addition to needed site supervision for third party works to secure that all components and solutions are combined to our floating solution within the right order and in a secure manner.

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