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Delivery phase includes the product manufacturing, delivery, assembly works in addition to needed site supervision for third party works (local site team) to secure that all components and solutions combined to the floating solution within the right order and in a secure manner.  Our products are usually manufactured in Finland to ensure products fulfil our strict and high quality standards. Floating solutions designed and delivered by Bluet can be found all over the world, and because floating construction is always a special solution, delivery also requires top-level expertise.

Bluet’s own team supervises the final assembly of the overall solution to secure the high-quality product delivery. Thanks to our long experience, we can ensure that delivery and assembly is done correctly and safely. In principle, the floating solution is built indoors and can then be transported either in sections or as a whole into the water. The most important thing is to find out and guarantee safe access to even the most challenging locations in the design phase and to save nature on the land. That is why the transportation plan and site plan are taken into account already well in advance in the first planning phases of the project.

When the product is assembled, and the systems are connected, we do a testing phase to ensure that the everything is working smoothly and solutions are ready to use.  Before hand-out, Bluet provides Maintenance Manuals and instructions for operations and maintenance. When the customer has a clear understanding on all of the systems, hand-out is approved. As an additional service, we offer more detailed Operational & Maintenance Training on how to use the product, as well as training for new employees and/or the local maintenance company.

Whether it’s a floating pool, a restaurant or a customised solution, now is the time to tell everyone about it!

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