Floating pools are Bluet’s special expertise and the core of all activities. One might wonder, what all is needed and what all needs to be taken into consideration, when choosing a floating pool. Is the the water heated – or would the user enjoy the feel of a natural water pool, what size should the pool be,  where can the pool be located at your site and for what uses different pools can be used?  

We at Bluet know floating pools and wish to make your decision making and project process as smooth as possible. We are not just a product supplier, instead we walk alongside, from idea and planning to high quality end-solution delivery. All pools come with needed pool technology and you can also choose from our comprehensive range of accessories, from stairs to lights and massage places to showers, designed to be project-specific.

BLUET® Heated pools

Treated pools are heated and filtered pools that normally have water temperature at 27 Celsius but can adjusted to client preferences. The multiuse pool is smaller spa-like pool which can be children’s wading pool or even a nightclub. This multiuse pool inner dimensions are up to 13.9 x 19 x 0.225-0.9 m. There are bigger barge pools for swimming length 25 or 50 m and width can be up to 15 m. These barge pools are suitable for rougher conditions than the concrete pontoon surrounded multiuse pool but need more water depth than the multiuse pool.

BLUET® Heated pools

BLUET® Natural water pools

Do you want to take a safe dip in refreshing lake water or salty seawater? Bluet’s natural water pools use the surrounding water. Depending on the location and need, you can choose between a bottomless pool or a mesh pool. When the surrounding water quality is not good enough, the mesh pool can be delivered with filtering system. We are happy to help you choose the best pool for your site!

BLUET® Natural water pools


Is there something completely new in mind? At Bluet, we want to look at things from a new perspective and be involved in creating something innovative and new. We have designed and implemented individual floating solutions for our customers around the world, from floating seal pools to aquariums, large swimming reens, spas and custom pool packages. What would you have in mind? 

Customized solution

Why floating construction?

Floating construction often feels fascinating and new as an idea, but also raises a lot of different questions. Why build on water?
What are the benefits of floating construction?

Visiosta toteutukseen

Onko sinulla vasta alustava idea tai jo valmis suunnitelma kelluvasta rakenteesta? Me Bluetilla olemme kelluvien ratkaisujen asiantuntijoita ja autamme sinua aina varhaisen vision ideoinnista käytännön toteutukseen saakka.