All initial quotes include:

  • 3 m deck around the pool
  • 3 m access bridge
  • Railings
  • Chain anchoring (depth 2m)

Whether you are looking for a pool for sports & exercise or rest & relaxation purposes – or even for a combination of those, Bluet’s selection and comprehensive knowledge of heated pools ensure the most purposeful outcome. Bluet heated pools are the Bluet® Multiuse pool and Bluet® Barge pool.  

Pools are heated and filtered and normally have water temperature at 27 Celsius but it can be adjusted to client preferences. Heated pools are ideal for versatile needs and year-round use. Sizes go up to 50 meter Olympic sized floating pool, image having that at your site!

  • Temperature controlled
  • Filtered
  • Default temperature 27C
  • Modified to be project—specific


BLUET® Multiuse pool

BLUET® Multiuse pool is a modular stainless-steel pool. The delivered pool solution includes needed pool and MEP-technology and the necessary equipment. The modules are available in different widths and the pool size and shape can be modified by the desired pool use type. The shortest pool is  app. 6m long, and it can be extended to up to 20m depths vary from 0.2m to 0.9m. The atmosphere and purpose of the Multiuse pool can be customized with a wide range of accessory options, for example it can be children’s wading pool or an ambient spa pool.

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    BLUET® Barge pool

    BLUET® Barge pool portfolio includes several different pool models. In addition to scalability, the advantages of modular barge pools include underwater technical space, space reservation for a pool cover, infinity edge option and competition pool size opportunities: 25 and 50m, following the specs of the Fina regulations of competition swimming pools.

    Barge pools are used for larger projects with special needs, and when underwater facilities are needed. The sturdy and durable structure is stronger to withstand harsher conditions created by waves and ice.

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      pool technology

      Water treatment is required to maintain a healthy swimming environment. It is needed for heated pools to guarantee a safe, hygienic and enjoyable swimming environment and also for natural water pools when the surrounding water quality is not pure enough.

      With right pH and chlorine levels the skin and eye irritations can be prevented. Water treatment is required to public pools regulations globally.

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