Privacy Policy in accordance with Sections 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999). Under the EU Data Protection Regulation, the registry holder is obliged to inform the registered party in a clear manner. This Privacy Statement in accordance with Section 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999) fulfills this obligation to provide information.

In this information we tell you what kind of personal information we can collect from you, when you order our services or contact Bluet Oy, and explain the purposes where and when we can use this information. Please check the file description regularly, as we may occasionally update it.


Bluet Oy Ltd (business ID 2767422-4)
Jaakonkatu 2
01620 Vantaa


Maria Dostaleva
Phone +358 41 319 0209


Customer register of Bluet Oy Ltd (Bluet Oy Ltd:n asiakasrekisteri)


The person has subscribed to the Bluet newsletter, has ordered a quote request from Bluet or otherwise contacted the company for additional information on floating construction.


The register is used in accordance with the Personal Data Act for the management and development of customer relationships, the production and development of services, and the provision of services, events and products for information and invoicing. New contacts with personal data are added to the register when required by our services, for example, in the case of received tenders or projects made for customers. We also deal with personal information from potential customers from who we have received either oral or written consent to the processing of their data.

Through collecting and processing your personal information, we may also send you targeted marketing and customer communications. We only send this kind of communication to people who have expressed their consent to receive this type of messages. You can leave our subscription list at any time, and instructions on how to unsubscribe are included in all of our emails.

As a general rule, we keep all our contacts with their personal information in our customer and marketing register even if we do not have a project in progress or agreed upon. We do this in order to ensure the quality of our service and to make any future contact. If you wish to modify or delete your information from our customer register, please contact our contact person Jenny Laine (contact details above). From her you can also check if your personal information is in our customer register.

Register information can be used in Bluet’s own registers without disclosing personal information to third parties. Bluet may use partners to maintain customer and service relationships.


In our customer and marketing register, we handle the contact details of our customers as well as our potential customers. We have collected their consent to their data processing from our potential customers. These informations we handle in our project and customers management system called ValueFrame, a product of Visma Solutions, where security is at a strong level.

We collect the following information from people who are added to our customer register:

• First and last name of the person
• Job title / position in the company
• Telephone number
• The company that the person represents (customer relationship)
• Postal address (the company where the person is working OR the address given by the private customer)
• Email address
• Offers, projects, classifications, events and memos to which the person is attached to
• Emails sent to said person


We collect anonymized visitor information from our social media channels and website visitors through Google Analytics. We use this information to monitor the accessibility of our sites and channels.


The customer register information is only for Bluet’s use. The registered personal data will be destroyed by customer’s request.


The register will not be handed over to third parties. Access to the registry requires Bluet internal network user rights. The registry is located on the Bluet password protected server.

The registry is protected against external use, it’s use is protected by personal usernames and passwords. Access to the register is only available to Bluet Oy employees, who are bound by secrecy obligation.


In accordance with Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, the registered party has the right to inspect the data relating to them and the right to demand the incorrect information to be corrected in the register. The registered party is also entitled to limit the processing of their personal data and to file a complaint with the supervisory authority. The data subject has the right to deny access to direct marketing and has the right to request the deletion of the data. If this happens, Bluet Oy will process the removal request, after which Bluet Oy either deletes the information or notifies why the data can not be deleted. If you wish to check your personal information, please get in touch with our contact person (Jenny Laine) and we will provide you with a copy of your personal data.

Verification and rectification requests should be sent primarily by email to the person in charge of the registry specified in this statement. The request for verification of information can also be presented personally at the Bluet Oy address in Jaakonkatu 2, FI-01620 Vantaa. You can also mail your request or call Bluet Oy’s general number 030 6363 800.

Register / Privacy Statement updated 28.05.2018