We serve worldwide

From Helsinki to Sydney — BLUET Ltd offers design and consulting services in profitable waterfront development around the world. We work together with the best global contractors, suppliers and designers, and in the project location country we team up with the best local experts for your project. With our expert design, engineering and project management crew you can breathe easy and concentrate on your core business.

Bluet works in close relationship with a large network of  professionals from various business and technology fields. Our main goal is to create an end-solution which fulfils the needs of our clients, end users – and of course the environmental and detailed technical requirements of floating solutions.

Pioneers of the floating future

Dive into Bluets world! Discover our way to deliver innovative floating solutions through impressive visualisations and engaging cases.

Interested About Co-Operation?

We are constantly looking for new co-operative partners to help us make the future float. Send us an email or give us call. And let’s talk more.