What would be a better to tell you what our floating solutions are about than to present the projects we have been designing and delivering around the world? We have long experience in various floating construction projects, from floating commercial properties to well-being oases as well as individual swimming pools to restaurants. The projects often take several years before final hand-out as real estate projects often do. There are several different floating sites being under the development process all the time, from the large floating residential areas to different kind of pool projects – public and private. Here we have gathered few short reference stories for you, both from the design point of view of design and the project as a whole.

Como Infinity pool Bluet® Floating Infinity Pool, Lake Como. Copyright Bluet

Lake Como, Italy

Floating Customised Infinity Pool, Lake Como

A top class, luxurious floating pool project for the famous Mandarin Oriental Lago di Como hotel.

The floating area size in total is 600 m2. In addition to the beautiful sundeck, this Bluet® Customised Heated pool has a one-of-a-kind 40m infinity edge

Pool details include large high-class Dasso decking, railings, design lights and all other needed accessories. The pool is made of steel and has a  modular catamaran structure.

Bluet’s work scope included the technical design &  delivery of this unique customised solution with site assembly works and lifetime services.

Project was carried out between May 2021 – April 2023 when handout took place and pool was open in use for the new season.

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Jubileumsparken public pools. Copyright City of Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden

Jubileumsparken Public Pools, Sweden

The public sea bath is part of a greater Jubileumsparken development project, where existing park is extended to and on water. Floating facilities, total area app. 1008 m2, consists of 5 platforms with 25m lap swimming pool, round jump pool, 3 diving platforms and existing freshwater pool integrated into the whole structure.

Bluet is responsible for the special technical design and delivery of Floating Infrastructure, overall design and project supervision as well as site assembly works. Biofiltering technology for the floating pools is delivered by Bluets’ collaborator, Polycon.

Project continued between 2021 – 2023, and opened in the beginning of June 2023 with Swedish Royal couple present at the opening ceremony.

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The Guardian, Gothenburg Holidays

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Inre Hamnen pools. Photo Copyright Sofia Andersson, FotograFia. Source: organowood.com

Norrköping, Sweden

Inre Hamnen Natural Water pools, Sweden

Inre Hamnen is a project where an old industrial area is transformed into a modern “city island” by the year 2026. Overall area includes apartments, streets, parks and a 700 m long quay with jetties and floating pools.

Bluet worked together with NCC Norrköping and was in charge of the turnkey delivery of floating area including design and delivery of Bluet® Floating Infrastructure, Bluet® Natural Water pools, and supervising the project.

The project with total floating area of app. 1063m2 consists of 3 separate floating platforms with 2 Bluet® Natural Water pools, a CLT-sauna and a boat dock. Project duration: 2021 – 2023, with official opening in July 2023.

NCC Press Release
Vök Baths, Iceland. Copyright Njota islands

Egillstadir, Iceland

Vök Baths Thermal Spa, Iceland

Vök Baths in Egillstadir, Iceland operates a year-round spa with thermal baths. Bluet® Heated pools are floating in an inland lake, providing in total 160m² of swimming and relaxing space in a water heated with geothermal energy.

Bluet work scope included a turnkey delivery of the two floating pools with technical designs and design supervision of local team, and pool technology works as well as the installation works and site supervision of local team during the construction phase. Vök Baths spa opened in July 2019.

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Allas Sea Pool air view

Helsinki, Finland

Allas Sea Pool Helsinki, Floating Sea Spa, Finland

In 2015-2016 Allas Sea Pool came together by cooperation of Bluet and Marinetek Finland. It is located in the heart of Helsinki, next to the Market Square and in front of the presidential palace. Allas Sea Pool consists of two heated pools, one sea water pool and a 2700m² sun deck with a lifeguard station. Restaurant and sauna activities are located on the land area. The opening ceremony was held on 1st of September 2016.

Bluet’s work scope inlcuded technical design of Floating Pools, design supervision of Floating Infrastructure and pool technology ,as well as site supervision.

In June 2022 floating saunas were added to Allas Sea Pool. Bluet’s work scope for project extension included design and engineering works for renovating and re-modeling the floating infrastructure for the new saunas as well as site works and site management.

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Kuopion Saana air view. Copyright Bluet

Kuopio, Finland

Kuopion Saana Swimming Pools, Finland

The tourism centre Saana was opened in May 2019 in Kuopio’s Bellanranta. Kuopion Saana offers versatile experiences by the lake Kallavesi while taking into account the unique location and tourism needs of the area.

Bluet has delivered three stainless steel pools to Saana, that are surprisingly on land this time: a heated infinity pool and a hot tub outside, and a jacuzzi for the inside space. Bluet was in charge of designing the three pools, pool-related water treatment systems, and the supervision the local design MEP- and construction team.

Verkkosaari and small boat Marina, 3D ilmakuva, Copyright Bluet®

Helsinki, Finland

Verkkosaari Floating Neighbourhood, Finland

Verkkosaari is a floating housing area coming to Kalasatama, Helsinki. The city is currently building infrastructure to area. The goal is for the first residents to be able to move by the end of the year 2025.

In this project Bluet is in charge of the overall project development including design, design supervision, design and delivery of the floating infra, and overseeing the project.

Right now we are looking for cooperation partners for the project, so if you are interested in contract work, execution of floating houses or if you are thinking about buying a floating home of your own, please contact us! We would love to give new owners a possibility to participate in designing their new dream houses. Contact us at: info@bluet.fi or + 358 (0) 30 6363 800

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See Verkkosaari virtual walk in tour

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Gibraltar floating bathing pavilion, air view


Floating Bathing Pavilion, Gibraltar

The story of Gibraltar Bathing Pavilion started, when the city of Gibraltar needed a new attraction for both locals and tourists. The area also lacked proper and safe beach swimming possibilities.

In total this floating bathing pavilion is a 3000m² concept that includes two adult swimming pools, jump pool, children’s pool, outdoor exercise area and a playground. The project was executed 2014-2015 with cooperation of our partner Marinetek.
The Client was the City of Gibraltar.

Read more: Yle, Suomalainen teemapuisto kelluu kohta Gibraltarilla (in Finnish)

Floating Padel air view. Copyright Floating Padel Oy

Espoo, Finland

Floating Padel Field, Finland

For this project Bluet® Modular Concrete Foundation was used as a base for a floating field, which was customized to fulfill the needs of the Floating Padel Court.

As Bluet® Modular Concrete Foundation is designed to be multifunctional and is suitable to the needs of various sports activities in addition to the
padel, and also enables a later expansion of the operations. Floating Padel fields come in three different sizes and models – Premium, Basic and Padel Small – to suit different uses, field sizes and locations.

The first floating padel field has been implemented in Espoo, Keilaranta Marina in September 2021. In cooperation with Floating Padel Oy and Keilaranta marina

For more information contact@floatingpadel.com, info@keilarantamarina.fi  and info@bluet.fi
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Floating Padel Oy
Panko floating spa concept. Copyright Panko Concept

Panko Concept – The Best Sauna Experience

Panko is the first and original concept which combines Scandinavian design, timber construction, sustainable solutions, authentic sauna, Nordic flavours and splendid experiences into one.

Panko provides ready-made solutions and made-to-order products (Panko Bar, Panko Kitchen, Panko Sauna and Panko Smoke Sauna) for the global market. These high-end Panko products can be established for hotels, real estate developments, marinas, golf resorts, travel hotspots etc.

Bluet cooperates with Panko jointly taking care of waterfront development, technical solutions, construction and project implementations.

Get Inspired by Panko
Fjällbo Park Floating Pavilion. Copyright Marko Huttunen

Tuusula, Finland

Fjällbo Park Floating Pavilion, Finland

As a part of efforts to bring more recreational activities to lake Tuusulanjärvi, the City of Tuusula has ordered a pier and a swimming pavilion to Fjällbo park. Design was done 2019 by Architects HuttunenLipasti, who won a public tender with their design ”Pliplap.

Bluet took part in the public tender and delivered the pier and pavilion in summer 2019 being responsible for turnkey delivery , design and delivery of the floating foundation and pavilion itself. Project was completed in August 2019.

Watch a short drone video of the Tuusula swimming pavilion.
Villa W floating house

Stockholm, Sweden

Villa W Floating Home, Sweden

Marinstaden’s floating home in Sweden is a uniquely designed home, that was finished in December 2015. With it’s 214m², this three storey home offers living space to a family of four, including guest room, living room, sauna, and a rooftop terrace.

In this project Bluet was in charge of concept design, architectural design, technical design, project management, and we also realised the project in cooperation with our partners.

Villa Helmi floating showroom house, Espoo

Espoo, Finland

Villa Helmi Floating House, Finland

Villa Helmi is a showroom build in 2007, and it is a model example of a floor plan for many kinds of activities. This floating house has been used as an office, conference room, apartment, and both club house and ballroom. Villa Helmi is located in Newport dock at Espoo’s Keilalahti, and it is open for rent for diverse use.

Check out Villa Helmi construction video
Restaurant Meripaviljonki with floating terrace

Helsinki, Finland

Floating Terrace for Meripaviljonki restaurant, Finland

Floating restaurant Meripaviljonki in the bay of Eläintarhanlahti in Helsinki was expanded in the summer of 2019 with a floating terrace. The 200m² terrace has a kiosk with bar and toilet facilities and room for 150 customers.

Bluet was in charge of special design of the terrace and installation works. The challenges in this project relate to the form of the terrace and its accessibility. The building and the terrace have been constructed by our partner, Europlan Engineering, in 2015.

Melbourne Docklands leisure centre. Copyright Bluet

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Docklands Floating Leisure Centre, Australia

This is a real estate development project in collaboration with local partner Lyons USA. A 9800m² floating leisure center would have pools, amphitheater, restaurant, spa, and other facilities.

Bluet has been in charge of the assistance of the local team with technical designs and studies, authority negotiations, concept design, and pre-engineering design works for permitting and investment decision purposes. The final schedule has not been decided yet.

Kelluva norppa allas Multipurpose Bluet® Floating Pool for aquatic animals. Copyright Bluet

Helsinki, Finland

Floating Pool for Animals, Korkeasaari Zoo, Finland

One of our custom pools is a multi-purpose floating pool for animals, that was designed for Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki. Steel pool 20 x 20 m with 3,2m depth was originally intended for a Saimaa ringed seal, and it actually holds three pools in one. In addition to the main pool that can be emptied separately, there is a feeding corner, and a covered nest. Landscaping imitates the natural environment with cliffs, “island”, and plants, and the 3-meter wide viewing area runs around the pool.

The floating pool is modular and can be extended, transported by truck and assembled on top of water. For Saimaa ringed seal, the pool would use and filter fresh water from the water supply network. However, filtered sea water can also be used and either circulated in the system or released back to the sea.
Execution decision postponed at the moment, waiting for suitable animal.

If you need any kind of pool for a zoo, get in touch and we create one specific to the animals’ needs.

Read more about our cooperation with Korkeasaari zoo
Floating Aquarium, 3D-design. Copyright Bluet


Mediterranean area, floating aquarium

Ashore in the Mediterranean Sea, a hotel owner / local investor wants to build an unique attraction in addition to a high-class luxury boat Marina in front of his hotel. Despite of a waterfront location, the city in question doesn’t have a beach due to dirty water and sea lanes. Project design includes a floating aquarium, swimming pool, open-air bar and other essential services. So far Bluet has made concept design for a floating aquarium with a swimming pool inside it, and a feasibility study for the project.

Project is proceeding in local permitting process slowly but surely.

Old Goa, Floating hotel villas, 3D design. Copyright Bluet


Old Goa, India, floating hotel villas

Bluet’s client is planning a floating hotel resort next to a river. Part of the hotel complex is executed on land, but the client also has a vision of floating hotel villas, that would increase the attraction of the site. Because the river is not suitable for swimming, Bluet also designed a small floating swimming pool with a restaurant that is accessible with boats, to be joined with the complex.

Currently this project is on a permission and funding round.

Floating houses masterplan for Loviisa Hosuing Fair. Copyright Bluet

Loviisa, Finland

Floating block master plan, Housing Fair, city of Loviisa

As a part of reinventing the Kuningattarenranta Housing Fair area and its’ new zoning plan, city of Loviisa wanted something special for the waterfront and in spring 2019 they turned to Bluet for not just for the vision of what it could be but also for analyses the overall viability of the project for zoning and future development of the site.

Bluet work scope included Conceptual Design with Technical Feasibility studies, site surveys and pre- engineering works with analysis of the preliminary costs of project implementation.

Oulu Allas Sea pool, 3D air view

Oulu, Finland

Allas Sea Pool Oulu, Floating Sea Bath, Finland

Allas Sea Pool Oulu will be the second one of it’s kind. Much like its “mother project” Allas Sea Pool Helsinki, it will be a place to enjoy the urban city feeling in the active city area on the waterfront. The site will have saunas, heated pools, sea water pool, restaurant, and areas for co-working and wellness activities. And as in Helsinki, we believe the new spa will become a living room and the place to visit and enjoy for the tourists and habitants.

Bluet has been responsible for the Design and Engineering works of the floating area with pools and other facilities, as well as overall project management. We have also applied an environmental permit for the pools from Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI).

Read more: Allas sea pool is going to be built in Oulu as well (in Finnish)

Horten Floating residential area, 3D image. Copyright Bluet

Horten, Norway

Regional development project, Norway

Bluet’s services include area planning that takes into account Clients’ needs. An old industrial area located in the Norwegian City of Horten is going to be transformed to residential and business use. Client also had a wish to join a floating residential area with the port. Bluet conducted a feasibility study that mapped the requirements for the project to proceed, sizes of the apartments, and other services that will serve both residents and visitors of the area.

Project is currently at city planning stage.

Turku, Finland

Allas Sea Pool Turku, Floating Spa, Finland

In March 2019 Bluet’s important partner Töölö Urban won a competition for a plot in the Aurajoki river in Turku. The winning concept is called “Kaarna” (bark in Finnish) and Bluet has designed it’s floating structures. The plan is to build a 120m x 20m floating platform that hosts a 25m heated main pool, a children’s pool, plus a river water pool. It will also have saunas, dressing rooms, restaurant, multi-use space for example wellness classes, and a large terrace that can also be used in outdoor concerts and movie nights.

The project now moves forward to the zoning phase, and the spa could be opened to public in 2025. As the project progresses, Bluet will be responsible for technical design, design supervision, and technical implementation.

Ähtäri Zoo floating waterpark, 3D image. Copyright Bluet

Ähtäri, Finland

Ähtäri Zoo Floating Waterpark, Finland

Small floating waterpark next to a hotel and camping center area, to offer activities especially families with kids; floating waterpark will have a water sport center with 150m² sea water pool, diving towers, water slide, sun deck and a small guest Marina.

Bluet has been responsible for concept design, technical feasibility study, and acquiring the environmental permit from Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI)

Kuopio floating leisure and business facilities. Copyright Bluet

Kuopio, Finland

Savilahti Floating Leisure Facilities, Finland

These floating Leisure & Business units in Kuopio are designed for zoning purposes to a new development idea. The area would include facilities for watersports and other sports, restaurant, saunas, and small pools for year-round use. The zoning material was delivered in the spring 2018 together with the City of Kuopio, and the project is now in zoning and water permit application phase.

Bluet is in charge of the real estate development works during the planning reservation as well as investor scout, the design and project planning works, zoning materials project management, authority negotiations, water area permits, and design and delivery of Bluet® Floating Infrastructure.

Harstad, Norway

Harstad Floating Swimming Arena, Norway

Grottebadet – a company that already has a spa in the City of Harstad in Norway – is planning to build a floating outdoor swimming pool for both residents and tourists to enjoy. Bluet has made a concept design for the project, which includes a 25-meter heated pool for year-round use, a children’s pool as well as a place to dip into the sea. The wooden exterior hides a sauna, dressing rooms, showers, toilets and staff facilities. a glazed area protects from the colder weather and the deck has place to enjoy the sunny days.

The total evaluated investment is 3 -3,5 million euros, and about 30 000 people are expected to visit the pool in a year. Schedule: open, permitting phase ongoing

Lahti floating restaurant 3D concept

Lahti, Finland

Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa Floating Restaurant, Finland

Bluet, together with Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa and City of Lahti, has been investigating the possibility to build a floating restaurant to lake Vesijärvi in Lahti. The restaurant would fit 200 people, with additional outdoor terrace area. Other activities are planned to be joined with the restaurant: swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs. Total size of the floating platform would be about 1800m².

Bluet team has been in charge of the overall and Technical Design as well as other consulting works for zoning and investment decision purposes.

Ahdinallas 3D air view, Copyright Bluet

Helsinki, Finland

Ahdinallas Floating Golf Range, Finland

Ahdinallas golf range in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, is one of Bluet’s own development projects in cooperation with Royal Center and City of Helsinki. The idea is to build a a year-round floating golf range, mini golf and small spa pool area with cafeteria and social facilities for the spa hotel.

Bluet has the planning reservation for the water area and is in charge of the investor scout as well as the design and project planning works. In the future we will also deliver the floating platform. Project is now is waiting for area development and construction by the city. Floating site will be available for construction app. by 2028.

Floating restaurant Hämeenlinna, 3D concept. Copyright Bluet

Hämeenlinna, Finland

Engelinranta Floating Restaurant, Finland

Engelinranta in Hämeenlinna is an evolving area where commercial floating solution is bringing visibility, new businesses and activities to the waterfront area. Bluet is providing a floating solution to the area, that will enable different activities for the residents and visitors of the area. Now coming to Engelinranta is, for example, a restaurant and a wellness / waterpark centre, that can be modified and expanded according to the demand and usage.

Bluet is responsible for Concept design, operator- and investor scouting as well as design and delivery of the Floating Infrastructure. The design will be finalised according to the operator’s needs.
If you’re interested in becoming an operator for a floating restaurant, contact us at info@bluet.fi or +358 30 6363 800.

Lauttaranta floating housing area

Turku, Finland

Lauttaranta Floating Housing Area, Finland

Lauttaranta in Hirvensalo, Turku, is a floating residential area totalling 37 apartments. In this project Bluet is in charge of Design, Supervision of the Design Process, and Delivering Bluet® Floating Infrastructure.

Currently we are looking for cooperation partners for the project, so if you are interested in contract work, execution of floating houses or if you are thinking of buying a floating home of your own, please contact us! We will gladly give new owners a possibility to participate in designing their new dream houses. Contact us: info@bluet.fi or tel. + 358 (0) 30 6363 800

Lutakko Marina update. Bluet in cooperation with Oopeaa

Jyväskylä, Finland

Marina development, Jyväskylä, Finland

The future update plan of Lutakko Marina in the heart of Jyväskylä, Finland consists of a Marina, restaurant pier, floating wave breaker with a view point, and a future vision of a floating leisure centre with parks and pools. All combined into the harbour facilities on and off land, creating an active harbour of everyone to enjoy. Special attention was paid to the opportunity of utilising old Marina structures and drafting new regulations for the Marina area.

Bluet is responsible for Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies to find out the best and most optimal solutions for the future development of an existing Marina. The work continues with cost calculation to support the city’s decision-making process. The plan was made in cooperation with architects of OOPEAA.

Oulu, Finland

City Of Oulu, Finland, water permit application

City of Oulu has hired Bluet to take care of the planning work regarding the relocation of Meritulli guest harbour. Special permit arrangements include the application for environmental permit from the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) and requests for an opinion by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). The work is related to the area development project in Kiikeli.

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