Services from early vision to entire project life cycle

We offer creative problem solving from early vision and waterfront development to final design and realisation plan, giving real added value to our clients, as One-Stop-Shop service solution. We operate worldwide and work with the best constructors, designers and suppliers.

The core in all of our work is our customers’ and the end-users’ needs: we want to create solutions, which improves the usability of the waterfront areas, fulfil the need and gives habitants and visitors new ways and frames for activities, experiences and living – on top of the water.


Bluet Oy Ltd is a company which specializes in profitable waterfront development. No matter what stage your floating project is in, we can assist you and join your existing team  – or be the only team to need. We offer creative problem solving from early vision and problem solving solutions to final design and realisation plan, as One-Stop-Shop service solution. We operate worldwide and work with the best constructors, designers and suppliers.

The services and work content we offer include materials and works such as

– Concept, architectural and structural designs
– Consulting works and studies for authority reports, water area and building permits, zoning and water site studies
– Creative problem-solving and feasibility studies
– Engineering works with marine, stability, structural and other calculations
– Project planning with schedules and costs
– Technical engineering and design supervision
– Overall project management and site supervision

1. Needs Analysis and Idea Creation
Every project begins with an analysis of the customer’s objectives and needs. Perhaps you own a stretch of coast that you want to utilize, or we have a location and an ongoing project in which you are interested.  From the very start, we provide you with a unique combination of idea power and specialist competence that result in a variety of visions for project development and usage potential, as well as giving added value related to financing and implementation.
2. Solution Consulting and Feasibility
A feasibility study is made, examining the project in further detail from various perspectives, including the idea and vision, technical possibilities and solutions, costs, usability, commercial value, completion schedules and project funding. The starting point for everything is the construction site itself, and its surroundings. We dive into the worlds of our customer and of the user of the construction, and analyse all the needs and wishes related to the use of the space. With close collaboration and careful preplanning, we can ensure that these needs and wishes are fulfilled.

Also necessary is a careful analysis of the local conditions, the sea bed, waterborne traffic, anticipated visitor numbers and the area’s land use plans. We solve the issues related to engineering challenges, including the durability and ecology of floating structures. We will create preliminary architectural drawings as well as any plans commissioned by the customer, and, if necessary, a business plan with investment and income projections.

3. Studies and Permits
After completion of the feasibility study, it is time to request reports from the authorities and initiate the planning, water use permit and building permit processes. We produce the documents that are needed for the applications, coordinate the process and conduct the necessary negotiations with the authorities. Well- made drawings and pictures, careful preparation and Bluet’s participation in the permit process make the negotiations progress as smoothly as possible, helping the project stay on schedule.
4. Technical Design
The technical design related to the project is carried out in collaboration with the customer. We examine the proposal made at the feasibility stage and modify it where necessary, after which we can proceed to detailed planning. We refine the project plan into drawings and documentation, on the basis of which we can make specific decisions related to structures, products and materials, and choose optimal partners for the project. Careful planning at this stage is crucial to maintain cost-effectiveness.
5. Preparation and Supervision of Construction
When the construction work begins, we take charge of project management and, if necessary, site supervision. If you wish, once we have created the functional concept, we can stay on as consultants in cooperation with the local client or contractor, and with Marinetek’s local partner. As always, you can continue to focus on your core operations and rely on us to ensure that the project will progress in a controlled fashion, according to plan.
6. Commissioning of the Construction
Once the project is complete, we attend the acceptance inspection and supply the necessary instructions for use and maintenance. We will also provide training in matters related to usage and maintenance. If necessary, we can produce marketing material on the constructed site for later use by the customer.
7. Project Life Cycle Tracking
Once the site is complete, we monitor its functionality and life cycle, as well as user feedback. Even though we have designed the materials and technology to be particularly durable and with a minimal need for maintenance, some fine-tuning may become necessary once the site is in use, for instance in relation to user comfort. We offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance contracts for our sites via reliable partners, in order to ensure usability is maintained well into the future.

Our floating solutions are modular. Whenever you wish, you can develop and expand your chosen services and visitor volumes in order to grow your business. Experience has shown us that the original investment will soon pay for itself. Thanks to our scalable solution you can start with a simpler structure and extend it later according to demand and need.

We have the solutions, ideas and projects for you.

Bluet offers all-encompassing business consulting, conceptualisation and development for floating construction – from design to delivery.

  • Do you have a waterfront area to develop?
  • Would you like to start or expand a business on a waterfront?
  • Would you like to invest in waterfront developments?

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