BLUET® Floating infra delivery includes everything that is needed, such as pontoons, anchoring, technical connections, design and supervision works for the compatibility with the superstructures and assembly on site.

The foundation is always customized project specific following the water site conditions as well as local rules and regulations. Different foundation types can be combined within the same project. Well analyzed and designed infrastructure is the basis of every floating project and it secures a safe and stable floating solution. It can be fully compared to the importance of the infrastructure when constructing land -and even more as we have a moving element below our floating units.


The platform consists of desired amount of modular steel pontoons, size of each modular pontoon is 6,6 x 3,3m (dimension ratio is 2:1). Modules can be connected end to end, side to side or end to side to each other. Desired shape and size of the final platform should follow the multiple values of module dimensions (3,3m x 6,6m). Platform is mobile – it can be assembled and re-assembled in the water, it can be towed to another location in the same water area, or it can be transported in a truck in modules. 

The steel pontoon modules can be connected to each other by using quick locking system. Connecting points are located in all sides of each module. The connecting system consists of integrated T-slot type profiles and locking fittings. The T-slots can be used for module fixing by using locking fittings and also for fixing the installed structures above the platform. 

  • Event platform
  • Platform for music stage
  • Platform for pop up restaurants/terraces
  • Temporary walkways / bridges
  • Platform for water construction works
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    BLUET® Light Weight Foundation works well for smaller projects, such as floating saunas or SaunaBoat-concept, terraces, and walkways for calmer site conditions. It typically consists of plastic or lightweight concrete pontoons. On light foundations, it is possible also to create for example temporary  sales or social facilities as well as sunbathing areas or café moments or terraces for small businesses.  

    Plastic pontoons are available in different module shapes such as rectangular, tube shaped or narrowing to one end. Space inside the pontoons can be used for tanks.

    • Modular system
    • Tranquil conditions
    • Project specific design
    • Plastic and concrete solutions
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      Modular concrete foundations are dependable and long-lasting. They are good for building foundations for e.g. housing and other accommodation units and restaurants – and when more durability and less maintenance is needed. Bluet® Modular Concrete foundations have two solutions: Bluet® Concrete foundation and Bluet® Concrete Megapontoon. These options are used when need for larger infra solutions and they are also used for floating roads, bridges and parks. The concrete foundation is delivered with all required MEP-services such as water, sewer, electricity etc. – following local and project-specific needs.

      • Modular system
      • Long lasting, less maintenance
      • Stable and durable solution
      • For larger superstructures with also big area
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        Steel foundation is recommended for large special projects with challenging shapes e.g. large swimming pools and projects with underwater facilities such as floating aquariums, restaurants, exhibition spaces etc. Hollow spaces of the barge can be utilized as for example technical spaces, storage rooms, staff units, etc. Recommendable also when water site has more extreme conditions. The foundation can be customized for project specific needs.

        • Challenging, large projects
        • Can withstand more extreme conditions
        • Project specific design solution
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