Bluet Oy Ltd is a Finnish company, specializing in floating construction solutions. It was founded in June 2016 by managing director Tytti Sirola, project director Petteri Huomo and technical director Kimmo Saharinen. The trio previously served as executive staff at Marina Housing. Bluet will continue the successful extensive co-operation with global contractors, suppliers, desingers and Marinetek Group, which operates in 45 countries around the world.

From now Bluet Oy Ltd will be in charge of the floating solution business formerly run by Marina Housing, the aim being to offer our Clients “One-Stop-Shop” – services from the zoning and permitting planning and design to solution and end-product delivery of the floating solutions.

Floating construction is a globally growing business field. Floating swimming pools and other leisure facilities, restaurants, hotels and eg. marina services give various options for urban city and other waterfront areas: where there is a need for new solutions for housing and business facilities, a need to secure the shoreline from the traditional construction impacts and especially a need to extend the land and construction areas – the unused water surface areas are the new possibility.

The business will be continued in a situation where proven demand, existing customer relationships, a strong co-operation network and the growing trend of sustainable building indicate a growing market.