How to make better use of urban waterfront areas and not only increase the availability and versatility of the marina, but also bring more vitality to the city? At Bluet we give answers to these questions – among many others as well.

During the spring 2020, our team has been working on the future development and master plan of the Lutakko harbour in Jyväskylä, in cooperation with Oopeea. The first phase of the development plan and implementation works for years 2020-2021 have just been approved by the Jyväskylä Urban Infrastructure Board.

Jyväskylä city aims to create an active and functional marina area, including year-round activities outside the boating season, and to develop Jyväskylä Harbour to be a diverse area, serving both residents and visitors.

Security, functionality and activity

In the future, the Lutakko harbour will be functional and the existing space will be better utilised for boats, sauna ferries, restaurant ships and jet skis – not forgetting all the functions and facilities on land at the waterfront area. Functionality and integration of the operations increases the availability and comfort of the whole marina area.

Why is this kind of planning and re-designing worthwhile? Because people want to spend their time in places where the atmosphere is already created by the surroundings. In places that allow you to relax from busy everyday life, to meet and gather upwith friends and support your own well-being.

In the area plan draft we presented earlier, you will also find the future vision of Lutakko harbour, which includes a floating swimming pool and water sports centre with its green park areas and a scenic floating promenade with restaurant ships and the new landmark – Lutakko Lighthouse – all built on water naturally. 🌊

In addition, the City of Jyväskylä and Osuuskauppa Keskimaa have agreed to start planning the new restaurant & sauna facility to Satamankärki. The goal is that from spring 2022 onwards, the new restaurant will provide a setting for sauna, restaurant and banqueting as well facilities for different business, tourism and recreational activities.

What can Lutakko look like in the future?

Here are some illustrations of our master plan for Lutakko harbour:

Learn more about the future vision here! (presentation is in Finnish)
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