Sometimes is fun to look back and compare how the original idea turned out in reality. Architects’ first rendering images are not exact blueprints and they are modified during the process according to site conditions, technical obstacles, customer’s needs, budget, etc. However, when designing floating structures, projects that involved Bluet from the beginning didn’t need much modifications later on. Here are a couple of our finished projects  – see below how the idea was executed!

Vök Baths, Iceland

We are very proud of this one: Irregularly shaped infinity barge pools in a lake in Iceland. Not only is it difficult to find any differences between the illustration and reality, this project took less than 14 months from first contact to delivery. That’s because Bluet was included in the design process early on, and the designs didn’t need much modifications later on, which saved the client a lot of time and money.

Villa W, Sweden

This is a floating house that is a home for a family in Sweden. Our architect designed the house according to client’s ideas and needs, and we think the final masterpiece is quite close to the rendering. This house was built in 2015, nowadays we focus more on commercial buildings and housing areas.

Tuusula Fjällbo swimming pavilion, Finland

This visual by Huttunen-Lipasti Architects won the architectural design competition invited by the City of Tuusula to create a functional landmark to Lake Tuusula. The city’s wish was to enliven the park and make it more inviting as well as practical for residents to enjoy. In the original design the pier was built on piles, but after studying the feasibility of the project, it was decided that a floating structure would be a better option in this case. After the project was delayed due to different challenges, Bluet was asked to deliver it. With the modified design we were able to finish the project in less than 10 weeks. Here you can see the difference between the original construction method and the final floating solution.

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