The reason why I am writing my first blog text here is a promise I made to my eMBA collegues, tutors and above all, to Pasi Aaltola and Esko Kilpi: a blog about floating construction and business fields related to it out in the ublic before the end of this year. There is plenty of time to finalise this- more than one day left J
I’m obsessed. I love the sun, the heat and verdant of tropics – and water: the sea itself, diving in its’ warm waters and seaking the marine life; the lakes where you can listen to the small waves breaking on the sides of the pier; the brightness of forest streams and the beauty and uniquness of big waterfalls…. All giving the peace of mind in its own way and having its’ own spot in my heart. Swimming was a passion already as a child and there is not many things that beat the easygoing floating in the warm and summerysoft lake water or jumping from the yahct into the crystal-clear sea water.

Following these  passions it was only natural to fall into floating construction and the possibilities given by floating solutions when it came in front of me as an option to work with. Floating holiday apartments and homes, diving and other sports centers, restaurants and swimming pools, business centers…. – these were the things I wanted to do.

When market knowledge grew and we had been working along with various teams and combinations over the few years, the need for a change grew. After some serious discussiosn and deliberations I found myself being an entrepreneur. And why not, when next to you you have two partners you know well and with it is nice – and genuinely fun – to work with. Bluet – our new company – was established in June 2016 with Kimmo and Petteri, guys to whom I could trust my life on.

What does Bluet do? Visions and creative ideas and implementations of all kinds of floating solutions built on top of the water: apartments, hotels, swimming clubs, restaurants, shops, offices, diving centers, ice rinks, parking lots, event platforms, wellness and fitness centers – large regional development projects for the cities and the investors needs or private oases only for yourpersonal use. You name it. We have sufficient amount of creative madness in our team which gives our ideas wings and the will of finding the solution. We do not like saying ”No, it is not possible”.  We rather use the phrase “Let’s see what we can do”.

We listen to our Clients needs and aim for a journey which we can be proud of and where we have a satisfied Client beside us. Our goal is to be the world’s best in this business. During this past journey we have gone forward a lot, there has been a lot of product development and expanding know-how in-house as well as in our global network.  There is a mind-warming amount of leads and offers around the world to work on. There is also huge amount of new water and waterfront areas to look into around the world – which will keep us busy.

Someone wiser wrote beautifully, that the company’s future looks bright. So does ours. Welcome to our journey. The Future is Floating.

– Tytti –
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Writer is an openminded & hardworking entrepreneur who loves seeking the world on land & under waters, loves animals, nature and peaceful & positive way of living. Professional interests in #floatingsolutions, #salesmarketing #realestatedevelopment #newwayofthinking
Tytti Sirola
Managing Director of Bluet Oy Ltd.