Beautiful Cannes

Meet us in MIPIM 2018
Tomorrow it begins: MIPIM2018 starts and we are in as well
Last year was a success and we truly enjoyed the time in Cannes, meeting lot of valuable investors, changing ideas about many beginning projects, catching up leads, meeting new and old colleagues and collaborators – and just getting with the innovative Cannes atmosphere.
So, therefore we will be there again now 2018.

This year we are actually present in two stands: you can find us from stand P-1.H20 (see map here) – where we share a stand with one of our collaborators, Marinetek Group. Our joint focus in MIPIM is profitable waterfront development for which special floating solutions offer multiple possibilities. We have many new concepts and cases to present you and we have several ways to make your waterfront even more open and desirable to the public. With floating solutions we can enlarge the waterfront and give you more “ground to build” – on top of water. We have ways to activate operating or new marinas and city waterfronts from old areas to new development with various new service and activity units such as swimming pools, sports and leisure centers, restaurants, utility and housing and accommodation buildings – be a part of your overall waterfront development project.

Opening preparations…

The other stand where you can find us is Green Planet Architects stand P-1.J61 (see map here). This network is the first and only international network of sustainable architects with clients all over the world. If we want to keep our planet healthy and thriving, we must build in a way that considers factors such as climate change and the continuing exhaustion of non-renewable resources, and that is the reason Bluet is part of this great group – we want to design a truly sustainable future!

GPA stand waiting to be filnalized

So, look for Bluet – and we look forward seeing you in Cannes!
Groundbreaking solutions are not on land anymore
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