In the dynamic hospitality industry, hotels, spas, and resorts are constantly exploring innovative ways to captivate guests and distinguish themselves from the competition. Floating solutions are a transformative structure for waterfront properties, providing a unique blend of luxury and memorable experiences. Bluet leads this niche with expertise in crafting floating facilities that elevate any property’s appeal and enhance guest satisfaction by offering unforgettable experiences. With Bluet, you’re not just buying a service; you’re investing in a comprehensive, customized project that includes every nuance and tool needed to succeed.

What advantages do Bluet® Floating Solutions provide for hotels and spas?

Space Efficiency: They allow expansion where land is limited or fully utilized, especially beneficial in environmentally sensitive areas.

Unique Luxury: Floating structures like pools, restaurants, wellness units and hotel units provide unparalleled views and experiences that traditional land-based constructions cannot.

Environmental Friendliness: Bluet designs floating structures that have minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem, preserving the natural environment while providing high-end facilities.

Resilience and Durability: Built to withstand varying weather conditions and water levels, Bluet’s floating structures are durable and suitable for a wide range of climates, providing long-term value.

Quick Deployment: These structures often require less construction time than traditional buildings because much of the assembly can occur offsite and then be transported to the location, minimizing onsite disruption.

Modular and Customizable: Bluet’s products are modular in design, yet they remain flexible, offering customizable configurations that can be adapted or expanded to suit the evolving demands of the project.

What opportunities for businesses could Floating Solutions offer?

Versatility in Design: Options range from luxurious floating pools, trendy bars, and relaxing spa areas, enabling properties to expand and diversify their facilities effectively.

Flexibility: These structures can be designed as permanent or seasonal installations, enabling businesses to scale their operations according to seasonal demand.
(watch the video to see the flexibility in action)

Innovative Event Spaces: Floating areas can serve as unique venues for events like weddings, conferences, and private parties, providing memorable experiences that attract a wide range of clientele.

Increased Revenue Streams: By adding novel attractions such as floating water parks or exclusive leisure areas, properties can create new revenue sources that differentiate them from competitors.

Enhanced Brand Image: Incorporating cutting-edge floating architecture can enhance a brand’s image as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious entity.

Optimized Use of Waterfronts: Floating solutions maximize the use of waterfront property, turning previously underutilized water areas into profitable, functional spaces.

Customization: Floating solutions can be tailored to fit the specific requirements and themes of any property, enhancing its unique appeal.

Investment opportunity

As the demand for distinctive and luxurious travel experiences grows, properties that offer something truly unique will thrive. For hotels, spas, and resorts near water, investing in a floating solution is a strategic choice for expansion or upgrading. Such investments not only enhance the property’s uniqueness but also provide distinct luxury experiences that are attractive to guests. Floating solutions are economically viable as they typically require less maintenance than traditional buildings and are designed to withstand environmental wear and tear, thanks to modern construction techniques.

Bluet’s expertise in floating construction enables hotels, spas, and resorts to make the most of their waterfront locations, transforming these spaces into premium opportunities. These innovative solutions not only expand physical space but also elevate the overall guest experience, setting new benchmarks in the hospitality industry. For waterfront properties aiming to enhance their competitive edge, floating solutions are not just an option; they represent the future of luxury hospitality development

Infinity floating pool at Lake Como for Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Copyright Bluet®

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