“Innovate = To dream. To create. To do something risk and daring even if it scares you a little, because you think it has the potential to enrich lives”
Last years KasvuOpen success continued this year with a trip to Silicon Valley and Palo Alto, US (KasvuOpen Gaselli Award). The trip has been most inspiring. We have met many Finnish and local entrepreneurs, both new beginners and well experienced business men and women, who all welcomed us with a big heart. And the enthusiasm could be seen in the faces of Finnish start-ups and other growth companies even to the furthest corner.

We Can. In those two words I would sum up the way people think here. The world is full of opportunities, you just need to see it and grab a hold of it. Jump into maybe something little bit unknown – knowing at the same time you are not alone. The Finnish network here is well organized and companies as well as individuals always find help. There is always someone to back you up when in need of finding the way in the bureaucracy, visa and immigration, juridical issues and other questions you have in mind – helping you forward with your business ideas. Thanks to Dottir & Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center for all the valuable information you provided – and Finnilän Löylyt for the nice evening with you all!

We Can. These two words define our passionate for creating a solution to a problem and what our business is about: Ideas, passion, creativity and new way of thinking for our Clients. We have our hearts along in what we do. I quote Risto Lähdesmäki (founder of Idean): our aim is not to be the biggest but the best . Risto firmly believes that “the ones who succeed are the ones that truly love what they do.”

And We Do. It was heartwarming to hear after pitches held here in the Silicon Valley that our passion can be heard in the way we talk about our company and our team, our solutions, about the ideas we have, about the milestones we aim to – and how we aim to achieve them. This is because we truly believe in what we do. And we truly believe that we can be The partner to our Clients, who has a sincere aim to create something which has been designed with the specific user experience and also profitability in mind – and which the Client can be as proud as we are.

One mind breaking moment of the trip was was when we realized that people talk about us as a constructing company. This we are not. We are a creative problem solving and new business ideas enabling company – with the floating solutions. The business field we work on is water construction and waterfront development – and these we implement with various floating solutions such as floating restaurants, spas & swimming pools, sports & activity and other leisure centers – as well as multi-use business units with eg. accommodation facilities. And lots more.

Pitching for eg. Jeff Snider, Carl Bouthillette, Pietari Gröhn, Pekka Pärnänen – you are all welcome to visit Allas Sea Pool Helsinki. Thank you!

There is a lot to take home to from this trip to Silicon Valley: success stories, growth stories, visions turning into reality – and also the rough truth behind the facade; hard work, failures, bankrupts… all parts of learning and growing to be one of the best. Thursday afternoon in Nordic Innovation House we had the honor to listen to Ole Vestaat, the founder of Kudos, whose presentation was also very inspiring as he shared us his story of how a vision is becoming a reality – with the main idea being believing in your business.

That is what we do. The world is full of possibilities for us and for our Clients as well. Let’s make the ideas into reality and make the Future Float.
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“IF the user can’t use it it doesn’t work” – Susan Dray

Creativity is thinking new things. Innovation is doing new things.

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