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Need more space at the waterfront?

Floating platform for multi use purposes: performance stage, cafeteria, sunbathing terrace, gear rental, for water sports, dance floor, pop-up exhibits…

Bring the business to the people

People love waterfront areas, why not bring the facilities and your business to the people to the primary locations – in a new way? #AllasSeaPoolHelsinki

When only thing you need to do is relax…..

…. I can do it here, in a place I did not know it would be possible. #FloatingBeach

Relax and enjoy – the way you want

Combining the event activities and restaurant facilities to one unit – performances, good food and adaptability from the morning brunch to the get-togethers of the evenings #FloatingActivityPlatform

Multiple functions in a small package

A multifunctional complex at a beach area, scalable and enlargeable #FloatingBeachBar

The drink or the snack just feels different…

…. when you are having it on a floating open-air bar – on top of the water. #FloatingBar

Unique, one-of-a-kind design

Uniquely designed – unique attraction, we can design and create one to fulfill your need as well. #FloatingSpecialities

Floating housing area

Coming to Helsinki 2020 – would you wish to develop an area to your city sooner? #FloatingHousing

Bring your business unit floating

Floating office building can be modified into various business uses and sizes. CLT structure allows flexible pre-fab construction method. #FloatingOfficeUnit

Activities for all ages

Children’s playground, flow-park, climbing walls, open air fitness centers, cafeterias – something for everyone and for all ages in the same package. #FloatingActivityPark

Bring services to the marina area

People love waterfront areas, let them dine on water. “FloatingWaterfront

When youre running out of the land to set up your office, or you just want to have something “a bit” different: how about this impressive solution? A case of happy and motivated workers included!

Why floating construction?

Floating construction often feels fascinating and new as an idea, but also raises a lot of different questions. Why build on water?
What are the benefits of floating construction?

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