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See the 3D ideas ja concepts we have been working with.

Would you like some luxury on water?

This Watervilla-model with two separate apartments offers to you. 270sqm floating and offering open views to the horizon. Like it? #FloatingLuxuryVilla

You can offer quicker access with a floating heli terminal

Short on land? Have an island, waterfront, or harbour area and you wish to grant an easier access? We can bring the helicopter terminal where you need it – floating. #FloatingHeliTerminal

How about a floating spa to the city center?

Bring the spa to the people, to the primary location of your city. Sea pool sweet water pool, kids pool, saunas, cafes … It’s possible. Let’s do it together for you.

Combining housing and business – on water

Combining marina, housing and food and beverages and other business activities we can create an active waterfront area serving both residents and visitors

Floating office, cafe, saunas or a hotel villa?

Modular design can be easily modified to multiple purposes. What would you prefer ?

Summer, city – and the floating pools

Copenhagen Harbour baths continue to be a success and there is already a 6th one under construction in year 2016

Want to offer more services to your Clients?

With different kind of utility and service building solutions you can give clients even more reasons to visit your marina

Combining housing and activities on water

Old and new development areas get a new look and new features with floating construction solutions

Do we need to say…? You would love to be here

Live on water? Or stay in a hotel villa on water? Have your own boat berth next to it? Go scuba diving from your own terrace? Yes, it is possible.

Don’t you just love the light reflections on water?

The house on land just does not look the same….

Marinas only for boaters?

Why so? With various service facilities, business units and even public administration services the marina areas can be open enjoyed by everybody

Need more space at the waterfront?

Floating platform for multi use purposes: performance stage, cafeteria, sunbathing terrace, gear rental, for water sports, dance floor, pop-up exhibits…

Why floating construction?

Floating construction often feels fascinating and new as an idea, but also raises a lot of different questions. Why build on water?
What are the benefits of floating construction?

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