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Can you hear the soft waves?

Convenient, smart, fun, something new to go and see! Offer your customers new experiences: refreshing ice cream or relaxing cup of coffee on a cafe on top of water!

Have you ever thought that even a parking area can float ?

Floating parking area can serve as an intermediate solution during events or fairs – or as a more permanent solution in areas where there is no space to build it on land. Want to know more? #FloatingParkingArea

Floating Golf Range

Dreaming about offering your customers an encompassing golf range, but running out of space to make it happen? Floating golf range is here to help!

Combining housing and business – on water

Combining marina, housing and food and beverages and other business activities we can create an active waterfront area serving both residents and visitors

Location on the seashore but no beach?

No worries – we can create you an artificial beach with swimming facilities. Case reference, Gibraltar bathing pavilion, built 2014-2015 #GibraltarBathingPavilion

Wouldn’t it be great to spend time in here?

Whether your customers are swim-o-holics, sunbathers or kids who love to spend their time playing around: this floating activity park will keep everyone happy and entertained.

Relaxing hot saunas on top of refreshing water

This beautiful floating sauna is a combination of five modules. Inside of these walls can be found two saunas, six showers, two locker rooms, two regular toilets, two handicap toilets AND a small office. Quite powerful package, isn’t it?

A stay you’ll remember years and years after

Modern Hotel Villas are beautiful floating structures that offer comfort and exciting experiences. Combining both functionality and style they are an intriguing option for people looking for innovative and stylish accommodation.

Floating office, cafe, saunas or a hotel villa?

Modular design can be easily modified to multiple purposes. What would you prefer ?

Summer, city – and the floating pools

Copenhagen Harbour baths continue to be a success and there is already a 6th one under construction in year 2016

Want to offer more services to your Clients?

With different kind of utility and service building solutions you can give clients even more reasons to visit your marina

A home with a splendid view

How would it feel to wake up on top on the water? Imagine house with a 360° sea or lake view.. spending a day at home just got a lot intriguing!

Why floating construction?

Floating construction often feels fascinating and new as an idea, but also raises a lot of different questions. Why build on water?
What are the benefits of floating construction?

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