Constructing on water presents a unique set of opportunities. Among the various options for such aquatic ventures, marinas stand out as particularly advantageous sites. Known for their calmer waters shielded from the harshness of open seas, marinas offer a blend of natural beauty and practical benefits that make them prime candidates for innovative construction projects.

Sheltered Location: Marinas are typically located in sheltered areas to protect boats from harsh weather conditions. This natural protection makes them ideal for construction, as the calmer waters reduce the risk of damage to structures and facilitate construction activities.

Photo credit: City of Jyväskylä

Existing Infrastructure: Marinas already possess infrastructure such as breakwaters, docks, and utilities, which can be advantageous for new construction projects. This can lower initial investment costs and simplify logistics, as there is already access to water, electricity, and sometimes even sewage systems.

Villa Helmi clubhouse / showroom. Photo credit: Assosin Helmet

Accessibility: Marinas are usually well-connected to land through roads or bridges, making it easier to transport materials and workers to the site. Furthermore, their proximity to urban areas or tourist destinations can add value to the constructed facilities, whether for residential, commercial, or leisure purposes.

Floating restaurant in marina concept, Bluet®

Regulatory aspects: Marinas operate within a specific regulatory framework that might streamline the permitting process for construction. Being familiar with maritime and environmental regulations can facilitate negotiations and compliance, ensuring that projects adhere to legal standards.

Floating Padel and other sports and leisure facilities, Bluet®

Sustainability: Building in an existing marina may have a reduced environmental footprint compared to other waterfront developments. The use of existing spaces can minimize the need for new land reclamation or extensive modification of untouched marine environments.

Active marina concept with floating housing, saunas/spas, restaurants and other floating facilities, Bluet®

Added value for end-users: Locations that cater to recreational boating and tourism can benefit from additional facilities such as pools, hotels, resorts, or entertainment complexes. Constructing these in marinas capitalizes on the existing draw of the area and enhances its appeal to visitors.

Active marina with floating accommodation and multiuse business concept, Bluet®

Innovative Potential: The unique challenges of building on water can inspire innovative architectural and engineering solutions. Floating buildings, sustainable designs, and integration with the marine environment can make these projects stand out, attracting attention and investment.

Floating aquarium concept in luxury yacht marina, Bluet®
Cover photo credit: Marinetek

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