Groundbreaking Solutions are not on land anymore

When you run out of land to develop on, Bluet Ltd offers you a new way of thinking. Building on water opens up new groundbreaking and sustainable opportunities without harming the environment. Get the best of your waterfront, attract more customers and see your city and business grow. Our high-quality solutions are scalable and customised to meet your specific needs.


from the floating infrastructure to the solutions on top of it – for private and business use

Highly developed ”shell and core” – solutions which are processed and finalised to customer’s needs. Eg. private homes, offices, hotels, cafes & bars, utility and service buildings – or the Bluet floating infrastructure for the solution you have designed.


Projects specified to each customer from idea & vision to the delivery of creative multipurpose units for leisure and business activities, eg. spa / swimming facilities and artificial beaches, leisure and activity parks, car parks, ferry and heli terminals, canoe club centers, energy provider units, etc.

A Modular And Scalable Concept

Impressive and functional, easily scalable solutions can be adapted for both business and leisure purposes. We have made elegant solutions for beach clubs, small boat harbours, event oases, fitness centres, floating spas, restaurants and many more. A floating modular frame solution can be delivered in as little as 15 weeks, depending on the size of the project.


Bluet has designed dozens of floating solutions for Finland and abroad. Some of the projects have been realized, and some are still in the planning phase. Our story, that begun with Allas Sea Pool, will continue as the floating solutions get more and more popular. See the projects we have had the honor to participate in.

Ecological and sustainable floating solutions

At the end of it’s lifecycle they leave little or no impact to the environment and can even be transferred elsewhere if needed or wanted.

  • Floating construction offers excellent opportunity to high energy self-sufficiency and use of renewable energy solutions
  • Coastal areas will remain nearly undisturbed compared to traditional land construction
  • Material and product selection focuses on life cycle sustainability, ecology and low energy consumption.

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