Floating stage


Performance stage S


Floating and transferable stage is a compact performance stage that can be towed or driven to different locations. It can also be installed with GPS-anchored electric motors, which will allow the stage to move with a route that is given for it. For example, the stage can be set up to automatically drive back and forth in front of the crowd or a specific venue, allowing people to see the stage better where ever they are watching the program.

Features: size 4,8 x 12 m, approximately 58 m2. A sideway-opening event container on top of a floating foundation of plastic pontoon solution with railings. The stage has basic electrical solutions (lighting, 2 sockets power outlet and supply), a generator (1 x 3-phase 32A, 1 x 1-phase 16A, Diesel/13h), basic sound systems & lighting equipment (installed) and additionally two GPS-anchored electric motors (with batteries & charger).

Additional information

Additional information

The example module has been calculated with the measurements mentioned in the description and it includes the surrounding terrace areas. If you choose divergent set of modules, the surrounding terrace area widths will differ between 0,8-1,75 m, depending on the module combination, total foundation size under the building and other facilities needed on top of the platform.

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