Floating pop-up café


Pop-up café



This characteristic floating pop-up caféteria opens with two trapdoors that easily open up and down, revealing the long bar desk and the wall behind, where you can display your products. The wooden terrace area has enough space to fit many tables for the customers – and if needed, the terrace platform can be made bigger to fit more customers.

Features: Floor size 15m², 2,5m x 6m. Foundation size 84m², 12m x 7m. Terrace area 69m². Plastic pontoons & wood terraces.

Additional information

Additional information

The example module has been calculated with the measurements mentioned in the description and it includes the surrounding terrace areas. If you choose divergent set of modules, the surrounding terrace area widths will differ between 0,8-1,75 m, depending on the module combination, total foundation size under the building and other facilities needed on top of the platform.

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