Floating steel pool


11m x 4m, depth 1,82m


With floating swimming pools you can offer a swimming experience in places where it’s not normally possible. Sharp rocky bottoms or dirty water might have been an obstacle before, but those days are long gone!

Pool features: pool size 11m x 4m, depth 1,82m. Foundation size appx. 16 m x 9m, 144m². Terrace area appx 95m². Ceramic coating & underwater lightning. Heavy concrete pontoons & wood terraces. Example picture’s pool size is 17 m x 11 m.

Additional information

Additional information

The pool can be equipped with sliding pool enclosures which will allow you to enjoy your pool year-round by weatherproofing your swimming pool and extending the swimming season while keeping the water clear. The enclosure has two-sided UV-protection.

Size information

Floating pools are available for example in sizes 11×4,5m, 13×4,5m, 20×4,5m, 25x15m, 50x15m. We can also modify our pool solutions for client's size, site & end-user needs.

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