All initial quotes include:

  • Handrail element
  • Anchoring legs
  • Quick-locking pallet bracket
  • Chain anchoring set (2m)

The platform consists of desired amount of modular steel pontoons, size of each modular pontoon is 6,6 x 3,3m (dimension ratio is 2:1). Modules can be connected end to end, side to side or end to side to each other. Desired shape and size of the final platform should follow the multiple values of module dimensions (3,3m x 6,6m). Platform is mobile – it can be assembled and re-assembled in the water, it can be towed to another location in the same water area, or it can be transported in a truck in modules. 

The steel pontoon modules can be connected to each other by using quick locking system. Connecting points are located in all sides of each module. The connecting system consists of integrated T-slot type profiles and locking fittings. The T-slots can be used for module fixing by using locking fittings and also for fixing the installed structures above the platform. 

Floating platform can be used for example as:

  • Event platform
  • Platform for music stage
  • Platform for pop up restaurants/terraces
  • Temporary walkways / bridges
  • Platform for water construction works

Suitable locations for use

Rule of a thumb is that the waterside depth should be something between 1 to 10 meters deep, the placement location should not be exposed for long open water fetch distances (100m+), water flow shouldn’t cause too strong drag to the structures and the calculated significant wave size for the area should not exceed 0,3m.

  • Harbors, bays, ports (sheltered locations)
  • Slowly flowing rivers
  • Small lakes and ponds
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