Floating modular sauna


Sauna complex 78m2


Floating sauna

This floating sauna is a combination of five utility modules. Inside of these walls can be found two saunas, six showers, two locker rooms, two regular toilets, two handicap toilets AND a small office. All these modules can be found from our Utility modules selection and the combination can easily be modified to better suit you and your customer’s needs.

Features: Floor size 14,5m x 5,4m, approximately 78m². Foundation size 21m x 9,5m (200m²). Surrounding terrace size 122m². Massive concrete pontoons & wood terraces.

Additional information

Additional information

The example module has been calculated with the measurements mentioned in the description and it includes the surrounding terrace areas. If you choose divergent set of modules, the surrounding terrace area widths will differ between 0,8-1,75 m, depending on the module combination, total foundation size under the building and other facilities needed on top of the platform.

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